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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
At 12:28 20.1.1997 -0700, you wrote:
>>1) First and foremost - OS features make an operating system. As examples:
>>good SMP support (scalability), async IO and security are a MUST for today's
>>servers. As poorly as those features are implemented in NT, they are
>>nonexistant in Linux.
>dunno about async IO but SMP is there ... and securityt too .. not as good
>as NT but it's there, but I can hack NT and so can I most linux systems,
>but I see much more you can do to make your system safer on linux then you
>can on NT

That's a great point - a possibility for admins to modify EVERYTHING they want,
to make it more suitable for their purposes and more secure. This is a great
way of improving programs, because if people want to get some of their own
problems solved, they have the best possible motivation to make it a good
solution, instead of working for a big corp. and trying to get off as easy
as possible.

No boundaries (remember MS-DOS ? :-)


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