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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
yuri mironoff  <> wrote:
> good SMP support (scalability), async IO and security are a MUST for
> today's servers. As poorly as those features are implemented in NT,
> they are practically nonexistant in Linux.

What is missing wrt. security in Linux? Don't say "C2" here - the
certification is void for a networked, i.e. practical, NT machine.

To which extent do corporate users care about "async IO" on a feature

> be practical here) most hardware manufacturers are not going to waste their
> time developing drivers for an operating system thats not widely accepted
> by corporate America. NT, on the other hand, has support for just about
> anything thats out there.

And just because of that we _must_ accept NT and shun everything
else, right? Self-fulfilling prophecies are great, aren't they?

I beg to differ. Linux has a really huge range of hardware supported,
from obsolete devices nobody else still cares about (3c501 ;-) up to
the latest and greatest video chip S3 brings to the world... (I still
remember when I got a Genius 6000 scanner, thought that was a hopeless
case, and just after looking at a few FTP directories I found a Linux
driver for it, that was in the 1.0 days.)

It's just that the hardware drivers are not from the hardware vendors
but from third parties. Who cares? Mostly, support is better.

> called "snowball of corporate acceptance" rolling the OS has to be on par
> with other server OSs and with that will come corporate, software developer,
> and hardware manufacturer acceptance. There will be plenty of hype after

Linux is "on par" with other server OSs in nearly all technical criteria.

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