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SubjectSmall request
	Well this is a request from all the Hellenes (aka Greek)
Linux Users.

From the kernels 2.0.2x and up you have the following
lines in the drivers/char/console.c

1463: &&( c !=128+27)
1547: case 128+27:
1548: vc_state = ESsquare;
1549: continue;

Maybe they are usefull on other people but they mess up
with the Hellenic language since the 128+27 character is the small
delta, so this causes problems to all the users down here. If you can
alter it in the next releases, it will be of great convinience so we will
not have to comment out these lines every time we get a new kernel.

Thanks for your time,
Costas Vlassis

| Costas Vlassis | E-mail: |
| Student of N.U.O.A. | URL: htttp:// |
| Chemistry Dept | Hellenic Linux User Group WWW Pages maintainer |
| Visit the Hellenic Linux User Group: |

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