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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)
>>  Let us assume that someone writes a very clever script analysing
>> /ver/log/syslog and undertaking varius actions. You change language - it will
>> be broken. (Like Internet Assistant for Polish and most other versions of MS
>> Word (even the macro language there is in Polish ;-) )

> I've been following this discussion, and it seems that the best approach
>would be to have a new interface to klogd, that puts out '[nn]' prefixed
>strings, followed by a default english interpretation. This way all
>translating lookup can be done in user space...

So you are suggesting having the kernel output both English error messages
(suitable for straight dumping to /dev/console) and codes that klogd could use
to load up strings in language files? I think that this idea would work.
Klogd could then either pass on English strings or interpret the codes to
another language, or it could just store the symbolic information to allow a
log viewing program to view the logs in any language.

Russell Coker

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