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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
Why don't you guys stop squabbling about this, using subjective words as
PASSABLE, TOP-NOTCH, bad security or good security, when there are in fact
methods to *measure* performance of various systems and compare *numbers* ?!?

There are probably a lot of people that would like to see actual Linux - NT
benchmark numbers, including myself, and cases of security-holes that are
comparable in these systems.

Aren't there anybody out there that has something that can show a comparison?

Now, I got my chance to give some air so please flame me ;-)

Yours always,

main(){char*s="O_>>^PQAHBbPQAHBbPOOH^^PAAHBJPAAHBbPA_H>BB";int i,j,k,l,m,n;
putchar(l<6-j?' ':l==40-j?'\n':k&&s[n]&k?'*':' ');}

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