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SubjectRe: Mono terminal patches...
On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Philip Blundell wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Steve Payne wrote:
> > Does the code for running a tty on a mono monitor & card (as well as your
> > honest and good colour one) live in the kernel source or are there a set
> > of majik patches to grab from somewhere (if at all)..?
> Last time I looked, there were dualmon patches on sunsite somewhere. I
> don't think they ever got integrated.
> Somebody ought to look into multiple displays in text mode one day, I
> suppose. Do any of the Xservers support multiple screens?
> P.
Sunsite has mda-0.9.tar.gz (module) and multimon-0.2.tar.gz(patch against
1.3.68), I did'nt check the incoming directory. I tried both, both
worked ok. with the module you wind up with something like /dev/mono to
which you can direct output (Now I wonder if I should have tried putting
a getty on it). Multimon works but I sometimes get some trash on either
display. It's nice to be able to run gdb on a seprate display.
Al Black

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