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SubjectRe: Mono terminal patches...
In article <>,
Steve Payne <> wrote:
>> Somebody ought to look into multiple displays in text mode one day, I
>> suppose. Do any of the Xservers support multiple screens?
>XF86 doesn't support multiple colour displays but it does alledgedly
>support a colour and mono one, though I couldn't quite figure out how when
>I looked...possibly because the server I had didn't seem to support the
>card I had.

I tried that once.

I had an honest-to-goodness Hercules mono card--a 1985 vintage, too
big for the case I was putting it into--with a VGA card of similar size.
It seemed to work if only because the mono server and color server just
patiently ignored each other. I only had the hardware for a few hours
and just couldn't resist running a test; I was able to get two login windows
and fire off a few clients before I had to give the hardware back. ;-)

I think the X Inside Accelerated X server for Matrox supports up to
six Millennium cards in a machine at once, if the rest of your hardware
is up to it.

You can't plug two VGA video cards into the same machine because of address
conflicts. Some cards let you change the address of the VGA interface, so
you can put at least two (but usually not more than that) into a machine.
On the Matrox cards I think you have to set a "VGA disable" jumper on
all but one of the cards. Actually, if you disable VGA on all of the cards
it works too, but you don't get to see the BIOS messages or use text mode.

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