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SubjectRe: setsockopt() and SO_RCVTIMEO (2.1.21)
> I am having trouble using the SO_RCVTIMEO option at the socket layer with
> setsockopt(2). I am using kernel 2.1.21. The error I recieve,
> ENOPROTOPT, is apparently originating at ../src/linux/net/core/sock.c in
> sock_setsockopt().

SO_RCVTIMEO is read only. See POSIX 1003.1g draft 6.4.

> Does anyone know a way around this? Could I perhaps set the timeout at
> the TCP layer instead? Should I expect this option to be supported in the
> kernel anytime soon?

Not enough uses the ability to set it to justify the performance hit to
every tcp packet received by including the ability. The draft standard
also doesn't require it is settable. Use select with timeouts, or alarms


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