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SubjectPossible bug in sxt2 filesystem or drivers.
I ran across this bug this weekend and I am trying to reproduce it, but I
haven't been able to yet. (I think it is a race condition.

while true do
mkdir a
mkdir a/b
mkdir a/b/c
mkdir a/b/d
mkdir a/b/c/c
mkdir a/b/c/d
mkdir a/b/d/c
mkdir a/b/d/d
rm -r a
Second process
while true do
ls -lag a/b/c

Note: The first process actuall created a.b.[a..d].[a..d] directories but
I edited it for space.

As this stress test was running the ls command reported getting a block that
was help there. Then ext2-fs dumped a whole bunch of filesystem errors.
These were the standard type(attempting to go to a sector that dosen't
exist.) This appears to be a race condition involving locks (???????)
The kernel was 2.1.21 on slackware from October(slackware came with 2.0.0)

Any Comments???
Leslie Donaldson

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