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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux) (fwd)
On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Gerd Knorr wrote:
> First: we are in a *english* group.

Sorry about that.

> I really don't like the idea of i18n kernel messages. There are some
> reasons for this:
> - It will be limited: We can't do it (in contrast to user level
> software) per user. If the kernel speaks a german, he speaks this
> to everybody. Not just to the users which have "export LANG=de" in
> .profile.

Many people have Linux running on a private home computer. They don't care
about other users which don't exist.

> - I think the kernel messages ar'nt that hard to understand: The boot
> messages just tell the device they found and a lot of numbers about
> it like io, irq etc. There is'nt much real english. And nearly all
> other (error) messages you see (even if something goes wrong while
> booting) are from *user level* programs like mount or fsck.

It's not about understanding. I can say that I understand English quite
well. But why is there a project to translate man pages and Howtos to

> - If you are that deep in trouble that you have to deal with a
> serious *kernel* error message: If you want to ask somewhere
> (here for example) you'll probably want to post the english
> messages to be sure people understand them.

Someone offered a solution to this. Only use numbers in the log files and
display the appropiate translation with a special viewer program (got this

> - If you want (or have to) understand a kernel message, often it is
> more important to know the background than to have it in native
> language. Take this following message (often seen last time) as an
> example:
> "pppd forgot to specify route netmask."
> If you don't know what a netmask or what routing is, it does'nt help
> if the message is in german.

So??? If I don't know the background, it's still nicer if it is in German.

> - Have seen to much really bad translations: If you have to
> translate it back to english -- word by word -- to understand
> what it says...

Well, I'm gonna make it really good :-).
And everybody could submit patches.

> Gerd

Stephan Meyer

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