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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT

Don't get me wrong - I love Linux, and use it every day, but your reasons
for choosing Linux over NT are irrelevant to corporate America. Money is
NOT the problem here - OS features, hardware support and software support
are. (not necessarily in that order) NT has all of those going for it.
Of course hype has a lot to do with it also - however lets look beyond
that sillyness at the root of the problem:

1) First and foremost - OS features make an operating system. As examples:
good SMP support (scalability), async IO and security are a MUST for today's
servers. As poorly as those features are implemented in NT, they are practically
nonexistant in Linux.

2) Second is hardware support. Its actually related to #1, since (and lets
be practical here) most hardware manufacturers are not going to waste their
time developing drivers for an operating system thats not widely accepted
by corporate America. NT, on the other hand, has support for just about
anything thats out there.

3) Software support is the same as #2. Everyone and their brother is
writing windoze software for the same reason - NT's CORPORATE ACCEPTANCE.

Face it - corporations are not going to buy Linux because it has Java
support or because its international or because you get twice the performance
over NT on the same hardware. However they are definitely NOT going to buy
for lack of all of the above.

I'd love to see Linux in a corporate environment - but to get the so
called "snowball of corporate acceptance" rolling the OS has to be on par
with other server OSs and with that will come corporate, software developer,
and hardware manufacturer acceptance. There will be plenty of hype after

On Sun, 19 Jan 1997, Andrew G. Morgan wrote:

> Hi,
> #1: The kernel list is not a place for this sort of discussion.
> However, here is a list of random thoughts to get you started (I'm
> procrastinating when I should be writing a journal article):
> PUM wrote:
> > I need your help. I have to present this on 22th of January. Please answer
> > me as soon as you can.
> First, second, and third: you get the source, you get the source, you get
> the source.
> It is quicker.
> There are more people contributing to its development.
> There is little hype: people develop Linux because they enjoy it; they *use*
> Linux because it works. How much of the appeal of NT is simply marketing
> hype?
> You are not tied to the (unknown) marketing model of a large US company.
> (Governments should worry about becoming dependent on foreign corporations
> for their internal integrety/independence).
> Linux is free: there are no issues of system licences (or system software
> upgrade costs) etc:
> 1000 NT boxes = 1000*x + sysadmin
> 1000 Linux boxes = sysadmin .
> (for x=$500, $500,000 = a lot of Linux system administration).
> I would advise you to talk with Linux International. . They will have
> lots of better reasons + examples of success stories, and this is what they
> are there for.
> Regards
> Andrew
> --
> Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS
> [ For those that prefer FTP --- ]

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