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SubjectBug in ext2fs or e2fsck 1.02?
While dealing with some disk corruption, I managed to create some
directories which appeared, to ls, to be fine, but would fail
the empty_dir test in fs/ext2/namei.c:553. To be precise, line 572,
where it does "strcmp(".", de->name). It seems that de->name[1] was
not '\0'. Of course, de->name_len was 1, so ls produced fine
results, but the test failed.

e2fsck 1.02 (I know, I know) does not detect or correct this problem,
but ext2fs doesn't like it. I don't know which of the two is considered
to have the bug, but one of them does.

Another problem (this is Linux 2.1.17) is that the process doing the
rmdir hangs, unkillably, after deleting the directory when this
happens. I'm not quite sure why yet. the directory is deleted,
but kill -9 doesn't do anything.

Anyway, I thought I'd tell someone.

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