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SubjectKernel 2.1.21 and genksyms 2.1.13

I've just begun to play with the latest 2.1.x kernels here and
finally did get one to compile and work, at least partially.

There is a place in a Makefile that calls genksyms -k
but the -k option no longer seems to be valid and all genksyms does is
print a usage message showing the -g -w -q -d and -D options.

I checked the man page for genksyms and can't tell which option
should be used or where I might change the call in the Makefile. It looks
like the problem is in the linux/kernel/Makefile since that's the
directory the error occurs in.

I compiled modules 2.1.13 while running under kernel 2.1.21
(compiled with modules). However, all I get when doing a depmod -a is a
bunch of messages showing unresolved symbols in all my modules. I am
guessing this has to do with genksyms not having run properly earlier in
the compile.

Any help or ideas anyone might have as to how I can fix/resolve
this would be appreciated. I would like to be able to try the Hayes ESP
serial support since I have a Hayes ESP2 single port serial adapter.

I successfully compiled a 2.0.18 kernel without modules earlier
and am now compiling a 2.0.28 kernel with modules. I am still using
modules 2.1.13 since it is supposed to be backward compatible.

BTW, I use a couple of scripts to build my kernels which log
the start and stop times of each phase if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance!

Dale Weber - - Running RedHat 4.0 Linux
Linux WWW: <--- Resume' now online!
Dynaplex Technologies, P.O. Box 40842, Portland, OR 97240-0842
There's no such thing as too fast a CPU or too large a hard drive!

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