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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux) (fwd)
In you write:

First: we are in a *english* group.

>Sär witzisch...
>Ich meinte natürlich was wie "Root Dateisystem abgestürzt"

This translation is'nt much better.

>Zuviel verlangt???

Ja. [ yes ]

I really don't like the idea of i18n kernel messages. There are some
reasons for this:

- It will be limited: We can't do it (in contrast to user level
software) per user. If the kernel speaks a german, he speaks this
to everybody. Not just to the users which have "export LANG=de" in
- I think the kernel messages ar'nt that hard to understand: The boot
messages just tell the device they found and a lot of numbers about
it like io, irq etc. There is'nt much real english. And nearly all
other (error) messages you see (even if something goes wrong while
booting) are from *user level* programs like mount or fsck.
- If you are that deep in trouble that you have to deal with a
serious *kernel* error message: If you want to ask somewhere
(here for example) you'll probably want to post the english
messages to be sure people understand them.
- If you want (or have to) understand a kernel message, often it is
more important to know the background than to have it in native
language. Take this following message (often seen last time) as an
"pppd forgot to specify route netmask."
If you don't know what a netmask or what routing is, it does'nt help
if the message is in german.
- Have seen to much really bad translations: If you have to
translate it back to english -- word by word -- to understand
what it says...


>> > I want nice German error messages telling me that the root filesystem
>> > crashed :-).
>> "Wurzel-Ordner-System gekracht."

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