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SubjectRe: Swap Files
In you write:

>Hi everyone,

>I know (from my own experience with modutils) that people are much more
>reluctant to get a new package via ftp than to look over a patch coming
>from linux-kernel. So here it is. :)

True. Just pressing 's' in nn is easier than fireing up ftp next time you
connect to the ISP :-)

>The patch is against 2.0.28, but likely to go in any reasonably new kernel
>without any troubles (works with 2.1.21, too). It implements a /proc/swap
>entry (similar to /proc/mounts) that lists the partitions and files used
>for swapping.

Looks good:

felix kraxel ~# cat /proc/swap
Filename Type Size
/dev/sdb3 partition 40956
/dos/c/386spart.par file 16384

Could be better justified (ok, just cosmetic), and would be nice to have
a column with swap priority.


I'll grab this next time I dial up :-)


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