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SubjectRe: Writing to CDR drive...
Thanks to everyone who replied.  My problem was pilot error.  As many
people pointed out, I was not using the /dev/sga device. I was trying
to write to my CDR drive using /dev/scd0. Conversely, I could not mount
using /dev/sga. But in fact, I was able to cut audio CDs with no
problem. (My brother is starting to produce his own music and we needed
a way of making CDs).

One last question. When making audio CDs, is it possible to take out
the 1 second "space" between tracks? I was trying to duplicate a CD of
a live concert on which there are twelve tracks but that they flow one
right into the other. (There is clapping and cheers from the audience
that goes from one track right into the next). In my copy, there is a
break of 1 second silence which is sort of distuptive to the flow of the
CD. Any thoughts?

Thanks again.


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