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SubjectRe: Good point of Linux over Windows NT
PUM wrote:
> Hello,
> I am a computer engineering student and sent this message to
> and he think I should sent this message to
> you.
> I have a one year database project for goverment. I use EMPRESS database
> engine on Linux and the customers satisfied. But now they change their
> mind. They think Windows NT is better than Linux. They want me to present
> the good point of Linux that better than Windows NT
> I need your help. I have to present this on 22th of January. Please answer
> me as soon as you can.
> Thank You very much.

Linux use much less memory than NT, NT come with a GUI which eats your
RAM like crazy.

Peoples tend to think than NT is easier to maintain. It's wrong.
A good sys admin should be able to understand any flavor of unix.
If a sys admin is only able to maintain a NT system, let's face it,
he is just not able to understand what is a computer.

Reliability. I crashed NT 3.51 many times simply by using buggy
software (Netscrap 1.1 and 2.01). I crashed stable linux (even minor version
number) only when tweaking video modes under XFree86.

Reliability, part II. Mainstream PC hardware just sucks. I'm especially
tninking about memory error. Real computers have ECC (error correction code)
on the RAM. Recent studies [1] shows that cosmic rays (not kidding) could cause
up to 200 bit error/year on a computer with a 365 day uptime/year.
If you want
reliable hardware, buy a SparcStation and put SparcLinux on top of that.

Linux = open system, NT = proprietary system.
When your facing a bug with NT, you'll be in a really bad situation,
since commercial company seem reluctant to admit the fault is on their
sides. Reporting
a bug to linux is as simple as your email, and tend to be corrected quickly
if it is really a bug. Furthemore, you have full source code if you
mind looking yourself into it.

Security. NT claim to be C2 compliant. A joke. A NT box, to be C2
certifiable, must not have a network connection, no floppy, etc..
C2 is just impraticable in a networked situation. Linux is no more
C2 certifiable, but security issues tend to be better understood under
UN*X system than with NT, simply because UN*X is there since quite a while.

and so on...

[1] Science et Vie #951, p. 13. Studied by James F. Ziegler at IBM
research center, NY.

Philippe Strauss, ingenieur en telecommunications.

Email: <>

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