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SubjectRe: Know tcp bug ?!
> not a good way, and the route is the rigth way. But the way I try to do
> it gives my an advatage to control it in the applikation. ( By the way,
> do not what to do it. I trying do se how thing behave...)
> I do not understand way it not should work. And I you for sure could say
> 'this can't work' should the setsockopt return a error value in that
> case ?

Until you actually make a connection the kernel has no idea what the MSS
and thus twice MSS values for a connection could be. The device MTU can
also shift if routes shift. It would be nice for the kernel to veto
your settings. The only easy way to do this I can see is to simply
refuse to drop the RCVBUF below 16K (twice the FDDI mtu).


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