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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)
> We've had modules, user processes, kernel loading predetermined files with
> the relivent strings, ....
> Why not just make it simple, and have a config option that appends a
> '-D<lang>' to the cflags, and then have the printk's like this:
> printk(KERN_DEBUG,
> #ifdef LANG1
> "Message that %s said %d in lang 1\n"
> #else /* not in LANG1 */
> #ifdef LANG2
> "Message that %s said %d in lang 2\n"
> else /* not in LANG2 */
> "Message that %s said %d in english\n"
> #endif /* LANG2 */
> #endif /* LANG1 */
> , device->name, status);
> That way if the printk hasn't been translated to the perticular
> language yet, the english is used, it dosn't use memory for each
> additional language, and you also don't have all that messing
> with loading, and searching through, lists of translations.

Because then every time an additional language is added, -every- printk
must be hunted down and modified.

I think the best solution would be to do something like so:

Have one file, lang_default.h, that liiks like so:

#define PRINTK_PANIC "Kernel Panic"
#define PRINTK_BAD_IRQ "Invalid IRQ"
#define PRINTK_HOMICIDAL_CPU "I'm sorry Dave, but I can't do that."

and a series of files, like lang_piglatin.h, that looks like so:

#include <lang_default.h>
#define PRINTK_PANIC "Ernalkay Anicpay"
#undef PRINTK_HOMICIDAL_CPU "I'mway orrysay Aveday, utbay Iway \
an'tcay oday atthay."

kernel modules would use the symbolic versions of the strings
instead of the original strings, and all is well. A program can strip
out the strings from the kernel sources to initially create
lang_default.h, as well as report the locations in the source where the
strings wrere found (to facilitate conversion).

Then we can get onto more -important- issues of kernel message
internationalization, like if color is spelled with a 'u' or not.

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