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SubjectRe: modutils970116/routing
In you write:

>On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Michael Driscoll wrote:

>> >Jackal:/usr/src/modutils-970116/insmod# ./insmod isofs
>> >/lib/modules/2.1.21/fs/isofs.o: init_module: Invalid argument
>> You need to apply the 'linux-2.1.21.diff' patch in the modutils-970116
>> package.
>Ah... OK, I really hate to apply "non-official" patches to my kernel.
>I always end up downloading the WHOLE thing afresh. I'll wait for
>2.1.22 then :)

patch has a nice "-R" switch. So you can easily reverse the
"non-official" patch before applying 2.1.22 :-)


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