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SubjectKernel Language support
Just to throw something new into the fray:

avatar@ulfheim:/usr/src/linux# find * -type f -exec grep printk {} \; | wc | sed -e 's/\>.*//'

That's almost 12000 printk's in the kernel. Not that I'm saying it
wouldn't be worth doing, just saying that it'd be more than one
afternoon's project.

FWIW, I liked the idea about the
#define ERROR_CONDITION "Error Condition";

This would put things in a central repository I suppose,
<linux/printk_en.h> for English etc., and every file with a printk
#include'ing this header file. Depending on the size and number of the
resultant translation files, probably only English would be included in
the distribution, with other languages being available as patches.

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