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    SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)
    Bryn Paul Arnold Jones wrote:

    > Why not just make it simple, and have a config option that appends a
    > '-D<lang>' to the cflags, and then have the printk's like this:
    > printk(KERN_DEBUG,
    > #ifdef LANG1
    > "Message that %s said %d in lang 1\n"
    > #else /* not in LANG1 */
    > #ifdef LANG2
    > "Message that %s said %d in lang 2\n"
    > else /* not in LANG2 */
    > "Message that %s said %d in english\n"
    > #endif /* LANG2 */
    > #endif /* LANG1 */
    > , device->name, status);
    > That way if the printk hasn't been translated to the perticular
    > language yet, the english is used, it dosn't use memory for each
    > additional language, and you also don't have all that messing
    > with loading, and searching through, lists of translations.

    I haven't been following this thread, but just my two cents. The above
    sounds crazy to me. Like, if your supporting 20+ languages (not that
    unlikely either at some point) then the kernel source is going to get
    massive and unreadable because anytime there's a printk you'll have to
    wade through a ton of crap to get past it.

    Somehow, I don't think Linus would go for this solution either, and he
    would have the final say of course.


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