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SubjectRe: Jive -> Kernel (International Linux)

> > Ack! Worst problem:
> > (1) Strings have to be _recognized_ and then substituted. Have to do a
> > bunch of strstr()'s over a massive string table. Alternately, you could
> Tough. You want international language support, you pay the price in
> efficiency.

I just think there are better/faster/easier/more efficient ways to do it.
Building what amounts to a full-on translater into the kernel is the hard
way to go. This was _one_ suggestion of _one_ method; most of the
suggestions that have crossed the list have a zero or one-instruction
performance overhead, and range from less-than-zero to massive memory

> Oops data is not performance critical.

No, but its contents _are_ critical (not for performance, but for
debugging), and I don't like the idea of putting any more steps than
necessary between their source and the user/logfiles. (Particularly
anything dealing with large string tables, which could itself be a prime
candidate for OOPSing, esp in the alpha/beta phases...) Call it an
aesthetic preference... ;-)

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