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    SubjectKernel Panic in find_candidate()


    It's seems the re-org of the buffer code has a small bug...
    When 'find_candidate()' is called, it may end up calling
    'try_to_free_buffer()' (for buffers of a different size).
    If try_to_free_buffer() finds that all the buffers on the page are
    free, it removes the buffer headers from the queues and releases the page.
    This can end up setting '*bhp' to NULL.
    Back in find_candidate(), the loop is continued, and panics on "bh =
    bh->b_next_free" (as bh has been set up NULL).

    I've no idea what the correct fix is, but for a quick hack I do;
    if (!bh)

    I can reproduce the panic easily; a small read from the CD-ROM, and then
    anything to push the buffer cache from the hard-disk.



    PS: Andrew, I've CC: you as your name now appears in the buffer code.
    Perhaps you know the correct fix...?

    Mark Hemment, Unix/C Software Engineer (Contractor)

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