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SubjectRe: Linux for JavaVM
> pointers to the extent that, short of a few classes in (or
> somewhere like that) grab a contiguous block of memory; afaik, the
> code "byte foo[50];" declares foo to be 50 _references_ to ints...
> Plus, absolutely everything is signed.

Big deal. C compilers run on hardware that has those kind of limitations.

> > location the applet is allowed to access, or fault. This is a
> > function of the byte code interpreter.
> And the last thing I expect to see in Java is an option for "inline
> bytecode"...

Wrong again. The java VM is the 'secure' [bollox do I believe that but
in theory anyway] module. You can feed it arbitary byte code safely.

> > the CPUs used. When you write a byte code interpreter (or compiler)
> > you are doing a "virtual CPU", in effect, so you can define it to have
> > whatever security features you choose.
> However, needing a special java vm which is lax enough to run linuj is
> likely to defeat whatever point there was to using java in the first place.



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