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    SubjectRe: Swap Files
    On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Andrew E. Mileski wrote:

    > I find this annoying: at shutdown, swapfiles are never turned off.
    > This keeps the partiton busy, and hence it needs to be fsck'ed at
    > next boot.
    > Should something be put into the kernel shutdown to release all
    > swap files and umount all fs?

    My shutdown script does a 'swapoff -a'.
    Further, the same script unmounts all file-systems "/etc/rc.d/rc.0"....
    I don't think that the problem you are having is caused by this. Instead,
    You probably have a task with an open FD that refuses to die during
    shutdown. You can emulate exactly what should occur upon shutdown from
    the keyboard (console, not over the network).

    # kill -TERM -1
    # sync
    # kill -KILL -1
    # cd /
    # swapoff -a
    # umount -a

    Although the system is still "alive", you can hit the reboot switch or
    turn the power off with no effect upon the file-systems that have been
    safely put to bed.

    On your next boot, they will be mounted immediately after fsck sees that
    they were properly dismounted.

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