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SubjectRe: Arp Table and Routing

> For now, you could fix it yourself or use my iproute utility
> (*)
> I'd like to repeat again: do not fiddle with arp cache,
> enable "total" proxy arp and forget this nightmare.
> Alexey Kuznetsov.

you'll probably consider this comment really rude of me
i know i'm ungrateful as i'm sure that you put a lot of effort into this new
routing code


i have no idea how to use it
there is no documentation
routing is a very, very complex task
just chnaging the kernel code is not enough
changes have to be made to the user-level program and to the documentation

the existing routing machanism have been well documented and established over
many years. they are (reasonably) well understood my most people (and my in
particular :-).

this new scheme is probably better - but without more documentation - i am not
in a position to judge

you might reasoably respond with:

a) if you cannot work it out from the code then you shouldn't be using a 2.1.x

b) you have not read

if the answer is (a) then i agree (i've gone back to 2.0.x)
if the answer is (b) then you are doing youself a disservice for not making
that clear in the linux/Documentation/networking/* files

please help me to understand this stuff
i wish to use 2.1.x for lots of other reasons

please do not take this note for anything other than the constructive comment
that it is

yours in linux

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