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I posted a short while ago about problems I have had with XFree86 on
a Toshiba T1910CS. I apologize for my mail reader not being configured
correctly: I have recently been experimenting with a new one.

Another problem I am having is that in 640x480 mode, the only mode
available to me, almost every application opens up larger than the
display, and I have to scroll around just to get at various buttons,
etc. For example, xpaint, xfig, and so on... These are essentially
useless to me for this reason. This _IS_ a 640 x 480 server.. What
can I do to get it to fit applications into the area of the screen?
I have already tried changing the virtual desktop size, and it makes
no difference.

Alan Davis

Alan Eugene Davis Marianas High School 15o 8.8'N GMT+10 AAA 196 Box 10,001 145o 42.5'E
Saipan, MP 96950
Northern Mariana Islands

"An inviscid theory of flow renders the screw useless, but the need
for one nonexistent." ------ Lord Raleigh

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