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SubjectDoubleTalk PC driver

Greetings All,...

I'm new to the linux-kernel list, and a novice at kernel programming.
I'm currently trying to write a character-device driver for RC SYSTEMS


All DoubleTalk PC functions are carried out by merely reading and
writing to two adjacent, eight bit I/O ports residing in the system
memory map. In fact, DoubleTalk PC is virtually transparent to the
host system in that it requires no memory-based text-to-speech
software (unlike most other internal synthesizers), requires no CPU
overhead, IRQs nor DMA.

I have "Linux Kernel Internals" from Addison-Wesley and have read the
chapter on Linux Device Drivers and from this, I understand I'll need
to write my own routines for setup(), init(), open(), release(), read()
write(), ioctl() and select(). The chapter uses a rather lame example
of a driver written for the PC Speaker; I call it lame because the
examples given are only code "fragments", incomplete at best - leaving
someone like myself clueless as to how the author would actually
implement the driver and call it from an application.

Therefore, do any of you kernel-gurus out have a sense for what I'm
dealing with here? I have a few basic questions:

1) Has anyone out there attempted to write a Linux driver for the
DOUBLETALK PC? I'd hate to duplicate any work that someone may
have already forged ahead and developed.

2) Can anyone point me in the right direction as to similar Linux
drivers that exist to help me better understand some of the
basic concepts for writing Linux drivers?


Chris Pallotta
Allmedia Solutions, Inc.
Watertown MA 02172

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