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SubjectRe: Little Lance Patch & Cyrix P150+
>> Question for you: do you know any  reason why lance32 PCI (AMD 79C970)
>> cards might generate thousands of "Bus master arbitration failure"
>> messages, specifically when the suspend halt of a cyrix processor is
>> enabled? I have this problem. So far my solution has been to disable
>The bus mastering gets locked up. The other symptoms are even worse. If
>some boards go into power save during a transmit the lance may jam the

So, It follows then that the lance cards are kind of _NOT_RECOMMENDED_ in

a) APM - using systems
b) Cyrix using systems
c) Powerful systems in general, since as you say, it locks up bus

It wasnt even that cheap since at $129 CDN

>> suspend halt. I've exchanged the card, with no change in symptom. It
>> even gives 5 to 10 errors per day with suspend halt disabled.
>Thats not unusual if you have a lot of DMA going on. Especially a
>sound blaster.

Or perhaps a Triton MB and a fast HD?

>> Can anyone shed light on this issue? I have tried turning on APM in bios
>> and that made X stop working, as well as not helping my problem. .
>Basically if you are using a lance based device turn APM off. I know of
>no other solution.

APM won't _really_ turn off on my godforsaken Award BIOS. It pretends it
is, but
APM in the kernel finds it, and so does Win95.

Jay Thorne
President, The Net Result Systems * Services Telephone:(604) 220 2504
WWW & Internet Systems Consultant.

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