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SubjectRe: Little Lance Patch & Cyrix P150+
> Question for you: do you know any  reason why lance32 PCI (AMD 79C970)
> cards might generate thousands of "Bus master arbitration failure"
> messages, specifically when the suspend halt of a cyrix processor is
> enabled? I have this problem. So far my solution has been to disable

The bus mastering gets locked up. The other symptoms are even worse. If
some boards go into power save during a transmit the lance may jam the

> suspend halt. I've exchanged the card, with no change in symptom. It
> even gives 5 to 10 errors per day with suspend halt disabled.

Thats not unusual if you have a lot of DMA going on. Especially a
sound blaster.

> Can anyone shed light on this issue? I have tried turning on APM in bios
> and that made X stop working, as well as not helping my problem. .

Basically if you are using a lance based device turn APM off. I know of
no other solution.


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