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Hi all... I dled and installed the new modutils, when I go to install a
module I get this:
Jackal:/usr/src/modutils-970116/insmod# ./insmod isofs
/lib/modules/2.1.21/fs/isofs.o: init_module: Invalid argument
I only tryed a few modules, but they all gave the same problem...
I got these messages in my log:
Jan 17 10:37:22 Jackal kernel: init_module: Invalid module header size.
Jan 17 10:37:22 Jackal kernel: A new version of the modutils is likely
Also, (stupid question mode ON), since the new routing I've been getting a
Jan 16 21:22:53 Jackal kernel: pppd forgot to specify route netmask.
message whenever I connect to my ISP using PPP through my modem... I'm
using the fairly generic network setup scripts that Slackware set up for
me... Any idea what I can do to fix the problem.
Oh yes. And I'm running 2.1.21.
Thanks for any help!

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