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This is an extremely minor point, but I think it is important
nonetheless: Could whoever is *naming* the modutils versions please
give all versions standard "x.y.z" style names? The reason I ask for
this is that I'm trying to write a user-comprehensible message and it
turns out that versions of software that do not fit into the standard
naming scheme make doing so impossible: What I want to say is
"modutils 970104 or later". But there is no way to do that without
requiring that users know which releases are made and when. (Is
970104 before or after 2.0.0? What about 2.0.1?) But I can say
"modutils 2.0.1 or later" and any user can tell instantly whether his
version of modutils qualifies.

If you're really in a quandary to pick a name for a release but you
don't want it to be an "official" release, you can call it
"2.0.1.alpha1" and then call the production release "2.0.2". That's
unambiguous, and people will know that 2.0.1.alpha1 is dangerous.

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