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SubjectVFS: No free inodes - contact Linus
I was compiling 2.1.20 last night, and received the following:

Jan 16 21:04:41 bax kernel: ext2_free_blocks: nonexistent deviceVFS: No free ino
des - contact Linus
Jan 16 21:04:42 bax kernel: VFS: No free inodes - contact Linus
Jan 16 21:05:14 bax last message repeated 47 times
Jan 16 21:06:16 bax last message repeated 320 times
Jan 16 21:07:18 bax last message repeated 115 times

The system hung, and I had to hardware reboot. When I df'ed, no volume was
over 70% full, and my highest inode usage on any one volume was 14%.

I was running 2.0.28 at the time, using glibc-1.99, gcc-, on a DEC
Multia VX-42.

Any thoughts?

David R. McGown -o-O-o- LINUX INSIDE!
Home: (703)683-1599 206 Adams Ave ALPHA GENERATION!
Work: (703)416-1240 Alexandria, VA 22301

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