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SubjectRe: 2.1.21 compile problems
Alan Cox writes:
> > It turns out that I needed libc 5.4.17 to compile Linux 2.1.21!
> > Unfortunately, I was not able to compile libc 5.4.17 with a libc 5.3.7
> > system! This is not good.

Sorry, I should have said that I could compile libc 5.4.17 with a
5.3.7 system, but that I couldn't run ELF programmes anymore (with the
new libc), because of missing symbols:

% ls
ls: can't resolve symbol '__stop___libc_subinit'
ls: can't resolve symbol '__start___libc_subinit'

> You can compile Linux 2.1.21 happily with out of the box redhat which
> is libc5.3.12 - so its something else

Perhaps one can compile a working libc 5.4.17 with a 5.3.12 system,
but I'm convinced that you can't compile a working 5.4.17 with a 5.3.7
system. Evidence: as soon as I installed the binary 5.4.17, I was able
to compile a working libc 5.4.17.



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