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SubjectRe: Compilation problems with 2.1.20, missing structure members

> A large number of files are having compilation difficulties that
> suggest that members of some important kernel structure named "free"
> and "lock" have been deleted, but not all of the driver code has been
> updated to reflect this fact. In addition, it looks like the
> *_rebuild_header function prototype has been changed, but that
> drivers/net/scc.c has not been updated to reflect this with respect to
> scc_net_rebuild_header.
> - drivers/net/scc.c: Multiple problems
> scc.c: In function `scc_notify':
> scc.c:350: structure has no member named `free'
> scc.c: In function `scc_rxint':
> scc.c:551: structure has no member named `free'
> scc.c: In function `scc_net_init':
> scc.c:1543: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
> scc.c: At top level:
> scc.c:1975: conflicting types for `scc_net_rebuild_header'
> scc.c:205: previous declaration of `scc_net_rebuild_header'
> Difficulty with scc_net_rebuild_header, compared with wic.c suggests
> that the *_rebuild_header function prototype has been changed but not
> all parts of the kernel have been revised to reflect it.

Yep, been there and fixed it. Unfortunatly, the patch is not in 2.1.21
yet. It was sent to the linux-hams list and Linus on Jan 9th.
If anybody desperately needs it: Browse the archives or ask me... ;-)

Hm, looks like 2.1.21 compiled cleanly for me...

(later: um, but it locks up with an oops right after mounting the root
partition. Well, back to the old kernel...)

Joerg Reuter ampr-net:

I used to be a werewolf but I'm better now--ooooooooow! ;-)

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