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SubjectRe: modutils, the next generation
In article <9701141706.AA01204@dcl.MIT.EDU> you wrote:
> Well, a random .o that doesn't have symbol table entries for
> "init_module", "cleanup_module", and "kernel_version", will completely
> fail to be loaded by insmod. So the possibility that insmod will
> accidentally load a random .o into the kernel is pretty much nil.

Yes, but wouldn't it be nice to see whether an object file actually is a
kernel module before you try to insmod it? Of course, you could use nm and
look for the required symbols, but making it obvious from the filename
looks like a good idea to me. Please note that I'm not talking about sanity
checks insmod has to do; all I want is to make it easier for the user to
distinguish between normal object files and objects files that can be
loaded into a kernel.

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