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SubjectRe: Network Options
On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Walter L. Preuninger II wrote:

# Network options are configurable on the fly, like almost everything else
# in aix [except for removing swap], using a problem called no. I think it
# would be nice to be able to change ip forwarding, for example, on an
# already running kernel, without recompiling/rebooting (I like to see long
# uptimes for Linux).

Well, what you are talking about is actually the ability to turn /off/ a
feature. A fair comparison would be that the AIX kernel already is
precompiled with IP Forwarding ... it just defaults to being off. And so
you can turn it on ... but in linux

echo 2 > /proc/net/ip_forward

(I think).

Nicholas J. Leon
"Elegance through Simplicity"

"Adrenaline takes you, to the next level, you're
dancing the dance with the digital devil."

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