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SubjectSB fails to detect IRQ with SMP.

The IRQ detection code for the SoundBlaster (and probably other things
too) doesn't work consistently with SMP. I've fixed it by adding the
following to sound_config.h:

#ifdef __SMP__
#define NO_SB_IRQ_TEST

(perhaps this should be "#if defined(__SMP__) && defined(MODULE)" ?)

Is this likely to break anything else, and if not could we see it work
it's way into the kernel source, please?

Also, did anything ever become of the modification to the sound driver so
that it didn't reset the mixer levels every time it was reloaded by
kerneld? I had a patch for 2.0.2x which read the current levels back from
the mixer hardware (at least for the SB), but was told not to bother with
it as it was shortly going to be implemented properly.

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