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SubjectRe: ld links static after upgrading libc
Kristofer T. Karas wrote:
[snipped my stuff]
> In order for `ld' to make a shared library reference rather than
> statically include code, it must find the file before it
> finds the libFOO.a file; unless you know the search order, the
> convention is to put both in the same directory. Hence, you should
> have:
> /lib/ -> /lib/ # Built automatically by ldconfig.
> /usr/lib/ -> /lib/ # Built by hand.
> /usr/lib/libc.a # Normal location of libc.a

My ld looks for /usr/lib/ I don't have the /usr/lib/
link and I link shared. XFree86 3.2 was linked a couple of weeks ago
with no problem at all. I remember getting to that setup after a strace
of ld. I guess it's one of the possibilities you have.


--alessandro <> <>

Linux kernel-2.1.20 libc-5.4.17 gcc- binutils-

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