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Subject[Off-topic] Jive...
     I saw someone recently asking for Jive for Linux on this list...

Weighed down with the knowledge the no-one would take Linux seriously
without this crucial piece of software, I resolved to find and port
it. This was surprisingly easy in the end, the original code being
written for Unix... :-/

Anyway, it should be in /pub/Linux/Incoming, soon to
be moved to /pub/Linux/games/amusements.

For those of you not in the know, it's a little filter that turns
english text into "jive". As an example, here's how the Bard would
have written part of the opening scene of "Hamlet", had he been on
some serious drugs at the time.

> Have ya' had quiet guard?
> Not some mouse stirrin'.
> Sheeit, baaaad night.
> If ya' do meet Ho'atio and Marcellus,
> De rivals uh my watch, bid dem make gots'tate. What it is, Mama!
> I dink ah' hear dem. 'S coo', bro. Stand, ho. Right On! Who's
> dere?

Be funky.


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