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SubjectFilename attribute
Hi, i'm closely looking at the filename attribute : i'm still very
confused with the allocated size and the real size of this attribute. As
Rich said, these values are always equal, and sometimes to zero. Very
strange. If somebody can propose a theory...

- 1 -
It seems we can create a POSIX HardLink simply by adding a new filename
attribute. Good. Is it possible to do that with WinNT 4.0? Or should I
wait for WinNT 5.0 ?

- 2 -
Can we tell that a WinNT 4.0 shortcut is a POSIX SoftLink? Independantly
of how this is implemented, such a shortcut logically points to another
file, no?

Do somebody have the exact description of the
DOS 8.3, Unicode, and POSIX filename space ? (which character are allowed,

Regis "HPReg" DUCHESNE - Engineering Student at ***** ******** *****
(O o) I use Linux & 3Com (1135 Kb/s over 10Mb/s ethernet)

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