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SubjectRe: AHA2940UW UltraSCSI option
On 12 Jan 1997, Sudish Joseph wrote:

> Re: tagged queueing. I've been running with it enabled and
> CMS_PER_LUN set to 8 for a couple of months with no problems.
> However, someone else has posted here saying that data corruption
> occurs if you use more than one drive with those settings.
> Anyone have any definitive info on this?
> -Sudish

I can't call this definitive, and my controller is a straight 2940 but...

I've been using tagged queueing with 8 commands per LUN since the day it
came out with no (additional) problems. My system currently has 3 2gig drives for
linux. In 2.0.27 (!only!) I have seen kernel stack corruption, but only when
running updatedb. This has happened twice.

The only problem I have with the aic7xxx driver is with SCSI-I devices
(old EXB-8200) since about 2.0.13. Heck, who needs backups anyway.

My filesystems have been through hell with 2.1.x induced oopsies (I help a lot),
so I don't _think_ tagged queueing with multiple drives is a problem.

Does anyone have a filesystem thrasher to give it a real workout?


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