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SubjectRe: Swap space priorities
>man swapon

Well, I said in my post "I set my /etc/fstab as such to set both my swap
partitions to have equal priority when 'swapon -a' runs at boot >>>(per the
swapon man page)<<<, and thus have the system swap equally to both
partitions. " So yes, I've read it very thoroughly. I'm asking because
what the man page says to do isn't doing what it says it should or I'm
reading it wrong. Maybe our swapon man pages are different, my swapon(8)
and swapon(2) being from mount-2.5p. My swapon(8) man page says to set up
fstab as such (other partitions ommited).

/dev/hda2 swap swap sw,pri=-1
/dev/hdc1 swap swap sw,pri=-1

And I still get this on boot.

Adding Swap: 66020k swap-space (priority -1)
Adding Swap: 65988k swap-space (priority -2)

I'm asking if something changed in 2.1.x from 2.0.x that might not be in
the swapon man pages.


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