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SubjectRe: How to force a kernel panic ?
On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Roy P. Turner wrote:

> I'm sure you've gotten many suggestions already, but here's another one.
> Found this out by accident last night. Try using swapon on a non swap
> filesystem. Ie. if /dev/hda1 is a ext2 partition, try 'swapon /dev/hda1'.
> Just for disclaimer, I don't mean activating a swap file on an ext2
> filesystem which is perfectly valid. I'm using kernel 2.1.17 and got a
> pretty quick panic.

Strange, I used to use the tactic of doing swapon an MSDOS partition on
the old 4 meg machine. Couldn't do anything if I ran any program before
swapon, if I recall correctly.

William Burrow -- Fredericton Area Network, New Brunswick, Canada
Copyright 1997 William Burrow
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