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SubjectRe: How to force a kernel panic ?
>I've just recently added the panic parameter to my lilo.conf and would
>like to try out if it works. Unfortunately (?), I haven't had a kernel
>panic for a while now. How can one be forced ?
>... Our continuing mission: To seek out knowledge of C, to explore
>strange UNIX commands, and to boldly code where no one has man page 4.

I'm sure you've gotten many suggestions already, but here's another one.
Found this out by accident last night. Try using swapon on a non swap
filesystem. Ie. if /dev/hda1 is a ext2 partition, try 'swapon /dev/hda1'.
Just for disclaimer, I don't mean activating a swap file on an ext2
filesystem which is perfectly valid. I'm using kernel 2.1.17 and got a
pretty quick panic.


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