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SubjectRe: AHA2940UW UltraSCSI option
[Posted and mailed]

In article <>,
"Magnus Hiie" <> writes:
> ... found the following line in drivers/scsi/aic7xxx.c:
> static int aic7xxx_enable_ultra = 0; /* enable ultra SCSI speeds */
> So, it appears that I've been using Linux without UltraSCSI enabled.

You need to enable UltraSCSI speeds in the board setup (you get there
by pressing certain keys during boot). Then the Linux aic7xxx driver
automatically enables UltraSCSI support. You can verify this by looking
at the file /proc/scsi/aic7xxx/0.

Note, that certain other features are compile options and appear to be
disabled by default in 2.0.27, namely tagged queuing, and SCB paging.
Also the number of SCBs per command is defaulted to 2, but can be
increased by changing a define in the aic7xxx.c file. I don't know
whether the default values of these parameters imply that other
settings are flaky, or don't improve performance. Since yesterday I've
been running a kernel with tagged queuing and 8 SCBs per command without
problems, but also without noticable difference in performance.


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