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SubjectMemory leaks?

I have been having trouble with what appears to be a memory leak in my
system. I don't know where exactly the problem lies, but the following
daemons seem to eat up memory without giving it back..


The nfs daemon swallows memory much much faster than the other two, and it
seems to use more memory the more the NFS is used, which is very bad since
I am trying to use the nfsroot capabilities of Linux to boot two other
machines off this one.

For some reason the daemons all seem to go berzerk at once too, which also
seems rather strange. It seems only marginally related to general system
load, one user using tar or find can be enough to set it off, and once it
has started it doesn't stop until I kill the processes.

My "workaround" is to kill those processes every twenty minutes with (via
cron), which isn't an optimal solution at all. I am using the following
libraries and kernel:

Linux kernel 2.0.21
(basically libraries from redhat 3.0.3 with some 4.0 upgrades)

I did not have this problem using a system based on slackware 2 & 3 and
Linux 1.2.13.

Any hints are greatly appreciated...

.. also, what happens to NFSroot systems if the root paritition becomes
temporarily unusable (e.g. when I kill the NFS daemon)? Couldn't this cause
random OOPSes or other problems?

Thanks in advance,
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