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Subject2.0.27 crash
I just had a big shell/mail server go mostly toes up running a fairly
standard 2.0.27 kernel. It had 14 consecutive "general protection:
0000"'s resulting in the network "going away". It didn't actually
crash...but apparently was unable to reboot properly, as when I logged
into the console and did a shutdown -rf now, one partition ended up with

Here's the first of the GP's:

Using `/kernels/' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 11ce42 <kmalloc+c2/200>
Trace: 138988 <alloc_skb+64/14c>
Trace: 144c65 <do_tcp_sendmsg+485/678>
Trace: 1384eb <sock_wmalloc+2b/54>
Trace: 144bac <do_tcp_sendmsg+3cc/678>
Trace: 144ee5 <tcp_sendmsg+8d/d8>
Trace: 14ecb1 <inet_sendmsg+95/ac>
Trace: 136766 <sock_write+9e/b4>
Trace: 12110b <sys_write+10f/148>
Trace: 10a5a5 <system_call+55/80>

Code: 11ce42 <kmalloc+c2/200> cmpl $0x55ffaa,(%ecx)
Code: 11ce48 <kmalloc+c8/200> jne 11cf70 <kmalloc+1f0/200>
Code: 11ce4e <kmalloc+ce/200> movl 0x4(%ecx),%eax
Code: 11ce51 <kmalloc+d1/200> movl %eax,0x4(%ebx)
Code: 11ce54 <kmalloc+d4/200> movl 0x0(%ebx),%eax
Code: 11ce57 <kmalloc+d7/200> nop
Code: 11ce58 <kmalloc+d8/200> nop

The CPU fan is an older one...and doesn't seem to be spinning as fast as
it could. I think I might just shut down the box and replace it.

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