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SubjectRe: Again: Maquerading FireWall Feature and New Init behaviour !
Stefan Bosnjakovic wrote:
> The transparent masquerading works quite well for me with the 2.0.25/27 kernel,
> but it does not seem to forward anything with 2.1.17-2.1.19. Any ideas?

Try adding rules for outgoing and incoming packets with ipfwadm:
ipfwadm -F -a accept -m -S xx.xx.xx.0/24 -D -W eth1
ipfwadm -F -a accept -S -D xx.xx.xx.0/24 -W eth0


echo 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forwarding

Harald Hoyer
> Someone:
> Asking Linus to add such things in the kernel is as pertinent as asking
> to still support 80286 CPU (IMHO).
We are working on it.
Alan Cox

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